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Dunn Sharpening System



This is quite honestly the easiest and fastest way to sharpen any knife made today, stainless, carbon, and CPM steels included.  Average sharpening time is 1 minute or less.  The basic kit consists of 2 precision-turned paper fiber wheels, each 8" in diameter and 3/4" thick.  One wheel is coated with a silicone carbide abrasive, and buffing compound is applied to the other, slotted wheel prior to buffing the edge of the knife blade.


To use this sytem, sharpen the blade initially by using an equal number of passes on each side of the blade until a distinct burr appears the full length of the edge.  Next, remove the burr on the slotted buffing wheel.  Buff in the manner as originally done on the sharpening (abrasive) wheel.  When using either wheel, copy the initial angle of the knife's edge.  When you have completed both steps, you will have a razor-sharp, hair-lifting edge on your blade.  The time this edge lasts is indicated by the quality of the blade and steel.


The sharpening system is shipped with both wheels and includes extra abrasive and buffing compound.  The wheels are drilled for a 5/8" arbor size, and we include adapters to take that down to 1/2".  The wheels mount on a standard 6" bench grinder motor, which can be found at most hardware stores.  RPMs should be 3000 or more - most 6" bench grinders are between 3400 and 3650 RPMs, which is ideal. 


Once you use up the abrasive and buffing compound that comes with your initial kit, we sell each compound  separately.  We recommend that you not order extra compounds when you purchase the Sharpening System.  Most people who do so lose it before they need it; you get enough with initial kit to sharpen 300-400 blades.  Please call to order extra abrasive or buffing compound at $8.00 each, plus S/H.


Sharpening System $44.95  (motor not included)



Sharpening System  $44.95     

Includes both wheels, extra abrasive, buffing compound,

and adapters to adjust wheels from 5/8" arbor to 1/2".  

(Motor not included)



The collapsible sharpeners (top & middle) have tapered diamond steel and are available in coarse or fine grit.  Great for use on serrated knives.


The EZ Lapp Diamond Steel (bottom) is great in the field.  This steel is a compact size and stores neatly in its own leather sheath.


$21.95 each


Select the steel you wish to purchase  

$21.95 each