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Welcome To Dunn Knives

Yes, this is the same Dunn Knives that used to be located in Kansas.   We love

living in Florida - we are able to have two gardens a year, fish almost year

'round, and do not miss the ice, snow & cold of the Midwest, except when we

travel to shows!    Please use the page links below to read about us, the steel

we use, and the knives we make in our Florida location.  We appreciate you

taking time to visit and select the knives that best suit your needs.

Thank you,

Steve & Tess Greene

We are required to tell you the following:

Knives are SHARP!!  This means you could be cut while using one of our blades - be warned.  Purchasing one of our knives means that you understand that knives are SHARP and you are aware of the possibility that you may get cut.

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