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Handle Materials

Handle options from top to bottom:

Rosewood - reddish-brown tone

Camo - green, oak & silver

Blue - light & medium blue

Regal - blue, yellow & red

Oak - light brown shades

Earth - rosewood, oak & silver

Silver - charcoal shades

Dymondwood -

This wood is waterproof and beautiful, as well as slip-resistant in the hand.  Each handle showcases a natural wood grain.

Sambar Stag

The ultimate in handle material.  Sambar stag enhances the appearance of our blades, yet is serviceable for use in the field.  Due to an unfortunate embargo on these antlers, we suggest you call or email us to check on availability.

NOTE:  If the handle color drop down menu doesn't display a particular color, that means we are currently out of that option.  You may choose a color that is available or contact us to let us know you want to be notified when your color preference is once again available.  Remember, we make these ourselves & do not call China to get more!

December 2021 - Please note that there is no “Add to Cart” button on most of our knives.  We are nearly finished at the National Finals Rodeo Show in Las Vegas and the cowboys, cowgirls and ranchers have bought almost every knife we made over the past year.  Please email us at s.greene@earthlink.net to be put on a wait list for the knife you want.

Thank you for your patience as we will get to work in the shop building Knives again.      Tess

Fillet Knives

We offer two sizes of fillet knives, each furnished with a leather sheath and featuring Dymondwood handles.  With each of our fillet knives, you should run out of fish before the knife runs out of edge.

Many of our clients have discovered that our fillet knives work well for boning larger game and also serve them well in the kitchen, especially the Standard Fillet.

The Standard Fillet knife (pictured in Regal) has a 6 1/2" blade, with overall length of 11 1/2". This is a great fillet, boning or carving knife and routinely fillets several hundred 1-2 lb. fish (up to 125 walleye) without resharpening.         


The Saltwater model - picture on top in Rosewood - is the largest fillet knife we make. Blade is 9" in length & overall length 14 1/2".                                     $235

Standard Fillet - Dymondwood   $220

We are currently out of fillet knives.  Please contact me to be put on a waiting list & I’ll let you know when your knife is complete.  Tess


These are our two most popular blades.

Pictured on the left, the size of the Small Skinner allows for ease in skinning of even the largest animals.  It is the #1 choice for whitetail deer and mule deer, even elk.

The Small Game & Bird (on the right) is a fine, small all-around knife in the field, fur shed, and/or trout stream. It provides excellent control in field dressing/caping of big game.  It is also ideal for fur-bearing animals such as coyote, fox and raccoon.

The pair is
shown in Dymondwood (Camo) and is sold as a set with a double leather sheath, an individual sheath that will fit either blade, and leather lanyards.  When purchased individually, each shipped in a single leather sheath with a lanyard at the end.

Each knife is 6 3/4" overall, blade is 3 1/4" x 3/4" x 1/8".

Small Skinner - Dymondwood  $185

Small Game & Bird - Dymondwood $175

Small Skinner or Small Game & Bird

Sambar Stag   $260 each

We are currently out-of-stock of these knives

in Sambar Stag.  Please contact me to be put

on a waiting list to be notified when available.

Small Double Set - Sambar Stag   $550

We are currently out-of-stock of these knives

in Sambar Stag.  Please contact me to be put

on a waiting list to be notified when available.


The Improved Skinner - pictured on top in Oak - is a great all around semi-skinner, especially on big game and beaver. The Big Game knife - pictured in Regal - is the optimal choice for those who hunt larger game. Either knife is ideal for a hunter with large hands or someone with a large job. 

Each may be purchased individually with a leather sheath and lanyard. The knives are also available as the Large Double set which includes both knives, a leather sheath that accommodates both blades, a single leather sheath that will fit either blade, and leather lanyards in each handles.

The dimensions of each knife is 8" overall, and the blade measures 4" x 3/4" x 1/8".

     Improved Skinner - Dymondwood $220

             We are currently out of stock. 

Please let me know you are interested and I'll          let you know when the knife is available.

                       Big Game - Dymondwood - $220

Large Double Set - Dymondwood   $470

Currently out of stock.

Please contact me and I'll let you

know when this is available again.

 Big Game

Sambar Stag   $310 each

*We are currently out of the Improved Skinner and Big Game in Stag.  Please let me know if you're interested in either knife and I'll contact you when it is available. 

Large Double Set - Sambar Stag   $650


These knives are for those who need efficient skinning knives without cutting holes in pelts or capes.  The Full Skinner (top in Rosewood) offers the same features as the Improved Skinner without the point and is a must for serious beaver skinning and bear hunters.   

Blade length 4", overall 8".

Pictured on the bottom in Earth, the Small Full Skinner works superbly for skinning deer and smaller animals, as well as for cutting calves.  Blade length 3 1/2", overall length 6 3/4".

Each knife is shipped with a holster-grade leather sheath and a leather lanyard in the end of the handle.

Full Skinner - Dymondwood   $220

We are currrently out of this knife -

please let me know if you're interested and

I'll contact you when the Full Skinner available.

Small Full Skinner - Dymondwood   $185


The Predator is an elongated drop point (a longer version of the Small Game & Bird).  The narrow blade is great on small game and predators, yet is quite adequate for big game. This blade is popular with deer hunters and many take this knife with them on elk hunts.  Those who trap raccoon, coyote, or fox find this knife ideal for the tasks involved in this pursuit.

Each knife comes with a holster-grade leather sheath and a leather lanyard in the end of the handle.

Blade length 3 3/4" and overall length 8"

Predator - Dymondwood   $195

Predator  -  Sambar Stag   $310

SLIVER (Paring Knife)

This knife is often purchased by first-time customers. Once they experience the extraordinary edge life and versatility, customers inevitably come back for more. The Sliver is a great compact knife for those little jobs in the fur shed or field. This knife also doubles as a paring knife.

For those of you looking for a great first custom knife for a beginning hunter, grandson/granddaughter, this is a perfect size for younger hands and the smaller critters typically harvested by new hunters.  Surprise a member of the next generation of hunters, trappers, outdoor people with one of these!  Each knife is shipped with a holster-grade leather sheath. Overall length 6 1/4", blade 3" 

Sliver - Dymondwood   $150


 The Minker (pictured in Blue) is our smallest knife. This small semi-skinner has recesses on the blade and handle which make it an excellent knife for many tasks.    

Trappers - the Minker is great on muskrats and mink.  Hunters - you would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect knife for caping.  Taxidermists - you will soon call this knife your favorite for doing detail work. 

This sweet little knife is an excellent choice for a youngster just getting started hunting, fishing or trapping.  The Minker fits young hands well and is suited for small for animals.  The Minker is shipped in a holster-grade leather sheath.

Overall length 6 1/2", blade is 2 1/2" long.

Minker - Dymondwood   $155

Minker - Sambar Stag  $210

We are currently out of this knife.  Please contact me & I will let you know when they are available.