Dunn Knives

The relentless pursuit of perfection.

PO Box 307, 1449 Nocatee St.

Intercession City, FL  33848



"Who makes the knives?" 


This is one of the questions most frequently asked of us.  This photo  shows the entire company.  That's correct, Dunn Knives has just Steve & Tess Greene doing all the work on our knives.  We are the "Mom & Pop" of this "Mom & Pop" business. 


Steve does all the work on the blades - heat treating, grinding each knife free-hand, finishing, & sharpening; as well as shaping/finishing the handles.  For those of you wondering, he still has 10 digits on his hands. 


I (Tess) make the sheaths, prepare & get handles on, answer the phone and emails, fill orders and do the office work.


Tess Greene


I plan to add more information here about us,

where our knives are made, the steel Steve has

chosen to use, and other details that may answer

the questions you have about Dunn Knives.