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             "Who makes the knives?"This photo shows the entire company - Steve & Tess Greene.  That's correct, Dunn Knives has just 2 people doing all the work on our knives.  We ARE the "Mom & Pop" of this Mom & Pop business.

Steve does all the work on the blades - heat treating, grinding each knife free-hand, finishing, and sharpening; as well as shaping and finishing the handles.  For those of you wondering he still has all his fingers!

I make the sheaths, as well are prepare & get handles on.  I also answer the 
phone, deal with emails, and fulfill orders.  If you call, email or place an order online, you will probably communicate with me.



One of the questions we are asked most frequently is about the kind of steel we use.  We are currently using S30V on all of our blades.  This powdered-metal tool steel has a high-carbon, high-vanadium content, yet also contains enough chromium to easily be classified as stainless.  We feel this steel offers "the best of both worlds" - a carbon-based stainless steel blade.  Niagara Specialty Metals (an American company) rolls the steel for us, we buy it by the sheet, and the blades are laser cut.  Steve does the heat-treating of our blades by himself and the final hardness of the steel is 59-60 on the Rockwell C scale.  We are confident you'll find this steel holds an edge longer than almost any other available, yet allows most people the ability to sharpen themselves.         

You can purchase our knives with the confidence that each is hand-crafted in America, by Americans.  Each blade is individually hollow-ground by hand and the cutting edge on each blade is 20 degrees.  The well-balanced feel of each Dunn knife is achieved by skeletonizing the tang, and each knife will feel as though it was made to fit your hand.  Each knife has a full tang - meaning one solid piece of steel all the way through the handle.  All knives are provided with a hand-crafted, holster-grade leather sheath.  Each knife is delivered razor-sharp and free resharpening is available on all Dunn Knives.