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Handle Options

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Sambar Stag








Predator  and  Sliver

The picture above shows the handle options available on our knives.  Please note that Sambar stag has become more difficult to obtain in the past few years; as a result, the price has increased.  For this reason, we must charge more than Dymondwood handles and some knife models may not be readily available in Sambar stag.  You may wish to email us at s.greene@earthlink.net or call at 800-245-6483 to check on availability before placing an order. 


The Predator is an elongated drop point (a longer version of the Small Game & Bird).  The narrow blade is great on small game and predators, yet is quite adequate for big game.  This blade is popular with deer hunters and many take this knife with them on elk hunts.  those who trap raccoon, coyote, or fox find this knife ideal for the tasks involved in this pursuit.  Each knife comes with a holster-grade leather sheath. 


Blade size: 3 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8"; overall length 8".                                     

Predator - Dymondwood   $160.00

                                                                                                     Select handle color
                                                                Predator - Sambar Stag  $275.00


Sliver - Paring Knife

Pictured in Rosewood

This knife is often purchased by first-time customers.  Once they experience the extraordinary edge life and versatility, customers inevitably come back for more.  The Sliver is a great compact knife for those little jobs in the fur shed or field.  This knife can also double as a paring knife in the kitchen.  Each knife is shipped with a holster-grade leather sheath.


For those of you looking for a great first cutom knife for a beginning hunter, grandson/daughter, this is a perfect size for younger hands and the smaller critters typically harvested by new hunters.  Surprise a member of the next generation of hunters, trappers, outdoor people with one of these!


Overall length 6 1/4", blade 3" x 5/8" x 1/8".


Sliver - Dymondwood  $115.00

                                                                                                 Select handle color

Sliver - Sambar Stag